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    There are a number of different reasons why you might consider attending an online driving school. In many cases, it is because doing so is ordered by the local courts. The judge might order you to take such a program because of a traffic conviction while you are on a…

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    When buying a new car, you definitely want to score a great car for a great deal. However, dealing with push salespeople can leave you feeling frustrated, and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to negotiate a good price…

    Child Passenger Safety Laws help make sure that your child is as secure as possible when riding in the car. According to Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for children over the age of two. But many of these deaths can be prevented by following.

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    Teen Driver Statistics On Car Accidents and Drunk Driving

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  • The Best Behind-The-Wheel Training In Santa Ana, Orange County (Los Angeles)

    Learning to ride is not a tiny effort. Depending on your view, the experience can be very intimidating, frightening, or just plain thrilling. If you’re a teen’s parent learning how to drive, you’re probably more frightened than anything else.

    Luckily, Santa Ana is abundant behind the wheel training, so you don’t have to go it alone. By the moment your kid gets a driver’s permit, you must be prepared to trust that they will be able to manage themselves openly.

    Because of this, it is essential that you invest in the finest back-the-wheel training in the Santa Ana region by the moment your kid gets their Because of this.

    The price of the best driving teachers behind the wheel is negligible. You could go for the best as well.

    At OC SANTA ANA DRIVING SCHOOL, we ensure that we train wonderful self-experience stories for life that will make you more conscious while you’re on the highway.

    We provide the online drivers education and behind the wheel training that means we give 360 degree solution to the future drivers.

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  • Are Teen Drivers Really More At Risk?

    It is understandable that adolescent driver parents are worried about their safety. Parents are concerned about the well-being of their child even before birth.

    In the present news, one does not have to look very difficult to discover sad and sometimes shocking tales of how the ultimate cost of death was paid by adolescent drivers involved in dangerous activities behind the wheel.

    These teenagers taking with them their friends or family members who were riding in the car, and they could even injure or kill drivers or occupants in other vehicles. Teen drivers who were involved in dangerous activities behind the wheel paid the ultimate death cost.

    Being aware about these outcomes and published events, many individuals naturally believe that adolescent drivers are a great danger on the highways in the United States that can be threating and would need more attention.

    Take a closer look at teen driving data for 2019

    Looking at the cold, difficult facts is the best way to comprehend the problem of adolescent drivers and dangerous conduct.

    The CDC also discovered riders aged 16 to 19 were three times more probable than drivers aged 20 to be in a deadly crash.

    According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an autonomous automotive safety organization, vehicle accidents are the main cause of death for 13 to 19 years old.

    Comparing the data says, assist to identify that American teenagers are more probable than elderly riders and passengers to die from car accidents.

    So, looking for the skilled driving instructor that has all the abilities with experience with real stories that teach driving from one’s heart is really vital. So, you’d like to attempt Mr. Jose from Orange County’s ocsantaanadriving school.

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  • Online Drivers Ed: Find the Best Course

    This is the digital era when you can learn and master anything without even leaving your home bed. Anyway, whether you’re receiving your first license or you’ve got one too many tickets, you can bring Drivers Ed online these days. So if you’re planning to go fishing with your father or you’re planning to go on lengthy rides, you can still access driver’s education from anywhere online.

    Depending on the state in which you live, you can take Drivers Ed’s classroom portion on the internet. That’s okay! You can wear your night wear while learning to be an effective driver. But which Drivers Ed is the best online for you?

    Best Online Drivers Ed Courses

    In USA, There are several courses approved by DMV that can help you get your first driver’s license and also help you qualify for discounts on insurance, dismissal of traffic tickets and other benefits.

    Online training course for many drivers says they are number one in the industry. Three points to remember before choosing online driver’s education course.

    1. The course should be licensed in the state.
    2. Should have all the materials
    3. Should be access 24/7

    OC SANTA ANA DRIVING SCHOOL are designed to help new drivers qualify for a student’s license and meet the requirements of the classroom to obtain a driver’s license.

    On the top of this, courses can also help you earn credits from high school and you can waive the DMV driving tests. After passing the course, you can expect to receive a driver’s educational transcript.

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  • How do I get my driving license in California?

    As we all know, Driver’s Education is the first step to get your driving license from California. Our course authorized by DMV is timer-free Look at the COURSE page if you haven’t began yet. Before you decide to purchase, you can see our course just Click ENROLL if you’re prepared to get started.


    Once you complete the above course, you will get the passing score and will get the DMV certificate of completion. Your DMV certificate should be received by First Class US Mail in just 2-7 company days.

    What to do? After completion of the Driver’s Ed course:

    Take these DMV Sample Practice Tests (Regular Driver – Class C) and be prepared for how the DMV phrases questions before you go to DMV to take your license test.

    Requirements for getting your Driving Permit

    In order to earn your California provisional instruction permit, any minor must:

    • Be at least 15 ½, but under 18 years of age
    • Have completed a DMV approved driver education course, like ocsantaanadrivingschool.com
    • Have your DMV Certificate of Completion of Driver Education – DL400C

    Be sure to bring all the following to the DMV Permit Test Appointment: Driver Education Certificate DL-400C-signed by parent or guardian (the purple slip we give you when you finish this course) Your Birth Certificate or Legal Presence Papers-originals or licensed copies only.

    Social Security Number (REAL ID needs SSN proof – see list of REAL ID card document options) One (1) residency proof form – REAL ID requires two (2) documents. See the criteria for the residency document.

    You must: complete or submit a completed DL44 application at the DMV and have both parents sign it (available in DMV offices or complete the online DL44 application in advance).

    Pay the DMV application fee, for both your license and your driver’s license this fee pays.

    Pass a vision test-take them when you wear glasses.

    Pass the written exam of understanding from the DMV. Within a year, you have three chances of passing the exam. Remember, the California Driver Handbook will take questions for this exam.

    If you want to access the best driver’s education online course or Behind-The-Wheel training then click the link below:

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  • California DMV Written Test- California Road Rules

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    Failing to stop when you should for a school bus can result in what maximum fine and/or license suspension?



    If there are flashing red traffic signal lights at a railroad crossing, you should stop within what minimum and maximum distances of the nearest track?



    It is illegal to drive in California under the adverse influence of which of these?



    On a three-lane highway, for the smoothest driving you should select the…?



    Which of these is the only legal reason for a minor to use a cell phone/electronic wireless communications device while driving?



    When you are scanning, you should be looking up to the point where you will be in…?



    If you are driving on an instruction permit, you must have an accompanying driver with a valid California DL who is at least how old?



    Any person convicted of using alcohol or controlled substances between the ages of 13 and 21 years will have their DL suspended for how long?



    When driving within 500 to 1000 feet of a school with children outside or crossing the street, unless otherwise posted the speed limit is…?



    If weather conditions require you to use your windshield wipers, you must also turn on…?



    Holders of a provisional DL may not, in their first year of licensing, drive between which hours?



    You must not park within what distance of a sidewalk ramp for disabled persons?



    You must not park within what distance of a railroad track?



    If your brakes get wet, you can dry them by doing what?



    How many times can you fail the knowledge test or driving test before your license application is invalidated?



    A line of solid white triangles across a lane of traffic means what?



    When parallel parking, you should enter the space at approximately what angle?



    If you have to make a report of a collision to the DMV, you should do so within what time frame?



    You arrive at an intersection at the same time as a vehicle approaching from your right. Who has right-of-way?



    Under which of these circumstances do not have to carry your driver license with you when driving?



    When a driver behind wants to pass you, what should you do?



    Teenagers as a group average how many more collisions than adult drivers?



    Children below the age of two years must be secured in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system until they are 3’4” tall or weigh…?



    Making a right turn from a one-way street into a one-way street, you should start your turn from…?



    You must not make a U-turn in a residential district if any vehicles approaching you are within what distance?



    A second or subsequent DUI conviction can result in a license suspension of up to how long?



    You must report a collision to the DMV if anyone was injured or killed, or any person suffered damage of more than how much to their property?



    When parking facing uphill, which way should your wheels be pointing?



    The only time a driver should use one hand on the steering wheel at 12 o’clock is when…?



    If an area has time-limited parking, what color will the curb be?


  • How Online Driving Ed Works and How to Get Started

    How Online Driving Ed Works and How to Get Started

    How Online Driving Ed Works and How to Get Started

    Teenagers’ schedules are jam-packed. With tutoring, after-school activities, sports, family events, and other obligations, getting a quality education from an Orange County Santa Ana driving school can be difficult. Because the traditional classroom setting does not fit into many teenagers’ busy schedules these days, they require another option for learning to drive. Online driver’s education solves this problem by putting all of the learning materials online. Students can get the same lessons on their phones, tablets, or computers at their leisure rather than committing to hours in a classroom.

    The Online Driver’s Ed Program 2021

    Online driver’s education programs typically have 10 to 12 segments that cover important topics such as night driving, defensive driving, and road rules. It is important to note that not all courses are created equal, which is why you should always ensure that the course you are considering meets your state’s requirements.

    The online driving course may also employ interactive games to more effectively teach students by speaking in a language they understand. Overall, the curriculum lasts 30 hours, which is the amount of time required by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Those who complete the online classes will receive a certificate of completion, which they must present to the DMV in order to obtain their learner’s permit. This permit allows them to begin the driving portion of their education.

    Why Online Drivers Education?

    Driving schools in Orange County that offer behind-the-wheel instruction as well as online driver’s education have one significant advantage: students can learn on their own schedule. Students can learn to drive around their busy schedules because online lessons are self-paced.

    They only need a mobile device to learn whenever and wherever they want.
    This method may be more effective than traditional classroom settings because students can take charge of their own education.

    Another benefit is for the parents. They will have more time for themselves or other responsibilities because they will no longer have to drop off or pick up their teenagers from school.

    Many teenagers’ first taste of freedom comes in the form of driving.
    It is critical to instill in them a sense of responsibility when it comes to making safe decisions on the road without the assistance of a parent or an instructor.  When it comes to online driving schools, just like any other school, finding one that is a good fit for you is critical. Before enrolling, always do your homework and make sure you understand what is expected of you.

    How to Get Started

    Is the School Legitimate?

    To begin, ensure that the driving school you select is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    If you are unsure about which schools are approved in your area, contact your local DMV branch and request a list.
    This will assist you in determining which online programs are best for you.

    Ensure Your Time

    Even though online drivers education can be completed from the comfort of your own home, it is critical to ensure that you have the time to sit down and focus on the lessons.
    It is never a good idea to rush through driver’s education.
    You must make a commitment to learning and remembering information that will keep you safe on the road for the rest of your life.

    The Process

    When you’ve decided on a driving school and set aside enough time for lessons, it’s time to enroll in online driver’s education.

    Step 1: Sign Up for the Course

    You must first register for the course in order to begin your online education.
    Enrolling in Oc Santa Ana Driving School is as simple as making a quick phone call to our office or book online. Clickhere

    Step 2: Go at Your Own Pace

    After enrolling, you can begin learning at your own pace.
    Access the online course and finish the lesson in as little or as much time as you need, day or night.

    Step 3: Get Your Certificate of Completion

    Obtain your certificate of completion after completing the online modules.
    This demonstrates to the DMV that you have learned all of the necessary information to begin driving on public roads.

    Step 4: Get Your Learner’s Permit

    After finishing your online driver’s education, you’ll need to take the written DMV test to obtain your learner’s permit.
    Once you’ve obtained your permit, you can begin your behind-the-wheel training!

    Are you ready to get behind the wheel? Call Oc Santa Ana Driving School today to enroll in online drivers education and learn to drive anytime, anywhere.

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