OC Santa Ana Driving School

At Orange county santa ana  Driving School our number one goal is to treat each and every student like a friend that helps us to teach our students the right set of skills to be able to drive safely, defensively and with utmost level of awareness. Our teaching method and our integrated grading system assures that every parent is fully engaged and aware of the lessons and the progress that is being made which helps increase the confidence of the student. At the end of each lesson a progress report from the instructor that would be an awareness point will be shared that will help them to u-turn their weaknesses to strength. Driving Instructor have to go through every step to be certified and licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, including Live Scan fingerprints and clearance through the Department of Justice.

The most important goal of our driving school is to make sure that our students are not only learning the correct set of skills in driving, but making a lifelong habit of these skills to ensure their safety for many years to come. Our teaching approach in drivers training is different than most other schools. Our instructors are trained in coaching our students. This method forces the student to be much more engaged with much more awareness of their surroundings. Therefore, the student will be much better prepared to take better and more decisive action in stress situations. They are given scenarios and commands while driving and are engaged in making the correct moves while being coached by the instructor.

After completion of our course every student is capable of driving out on the streets alone without getting scared. Fear is the antithisis of freedom. we take fear out while behind the wheel training so that student should feel sense of freedom while facing different variables from their surroundings which will keep the student out of danger. Awareness of dealing with uncertainity and unpredictable scenarios would be the main concern for our driving school.

Wishing you all the best  and drive safely and kindly because the cars we drive says a lot about us.

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