We can help on:

  • Reduce crash rates
  • Ability to train multiple drivers on an ongoing basis
  • Services available across the U.S. and Worldwide
  • Multiple training options – Online & behind-the-wheel
  • Better drivers lead to reduced crash rates and lower fuel and maintenance cost.

The average cost to companies for crashes is more than 30%
A fleet-based determined that drivers who received Behind-The-Wheel training averaged 39% fewer crashes over a 3-year period compared to drivers who were not trained.
Using our behind-the-wheel and online training course could see 60% reduction in the number of crashes involving injuries in 18 months, saving a Townsend of dollars.
Average return on investment in liability only savings is $4 for every $1 spent.


  • 1-20 drivers:   $180 each
  • 20-30 drivers: $160 each
  • 30-50 drivers: $140 each
  • 51+ drivers: $120 each

*Price varies on a case-by-case basis

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Oc Santa Ana Driving School provide Fleet Driver Training (FDT), with 2 decades of experience helping fleet operators successfully lower their crash rates, our Behind-The-Wheel training and online learning courses enhance custom-built driver risk programs, proven learning methodologies and expert instruction.